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We are successfully delivering to organizations across the globe and industries:

Tableau Dashboards

Performance Heat Map

Customer Analysis

Tableau Consulting Services

Dashboard Development

Our Tableau experts turn data into reports and powerful executive dashboards using graphs and plots.

BI Infrastructure Consulting

Consult our Tableau experts to review, create, and optimize your current BI infrastructure for increased productivity and ROI.

Data Integration Service

Multiple data sources are combined into a single real-time data exchange solution for real-time report generation and dashboards.

Data Visualization

We gather data from all sources and show it in various settings and trends enabling better forecasting, data set formatting, trend generation and more.

Tableau Server and Desktop

For the top level management, our Tableau developers provide server based solutions for enhancing decision making with deeper insights.

Workflow Implementation

Tableau can handle complex data sets and a huge amount of data. Our Tableau developers implement workflows with the BI platform for performance analysis.

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Intelliquity offers tailored tableau consulting services to support any tableau implementation.

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Our tableau consultant will help you to quickly gain insight in a simple and meaningful way. When your data is transformed into interactive dashboards, it enables you to answer the most pressing and critical business questions.

We can help you:

Investigate problems

Connect to different data sources

Explore and analyze your data

Provide new solutions

Choose the appropriate visualization

Develop Insights

Discover Opportunities

Share and act on result

Pricing Models

We understand each client’s needs are different, thus we provide options in our pricing.



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Monthly cost for hiring Developer (160 hours)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you submit the inquiry form, our consultants will connect with you to discuss your business requirements and project scope. After analyzing the business requirements and project scope, we’ll offer you a flexible engagement plan tailored to your needs as well as a project proposal with that.

When you partner with us, the cost of outsourcing depends on various factors like desired business objectives, total hours required, project scope, and more. Talk with our Consultant to find out the cost required for your project.

Yes, of course. We provide team augmentation services to startups, ISVs, SMEs, and major corporations in which our Certified Developers assist your in-house team as needed.

Yes, Intelliquity provides ad-hoc support services to enable companies to meet their analytics objectives on time and on budget. Get in touch with our specialists to get an estimate for the ad-hoc support you need.

When you hire Developers from Intelliquity, we sign all legal paperwork and documentation, including a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your data and information.

Rest assured, you will not find yourself in this situation. If you’re unhappy with your assigned Developer’s performance, your first point of contact should be our Service Manager, who will mediate, listen to your issues, and offer an appropriate solution. In case a termination is irresistible, either party can do so, with or without cause, by providing a 14-day written notice to the other party. Once the contract is terminated, Intelliquity will send an invoice for all the work completed till the date of termination, which the client is liable to pay within 3 business days. The termination invoice will contain all particulars regarding the work completed till date, and amount to be paid. The work completed till date will be handed over to the client in a usable electronic format.

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